Contact Centres

Anything can happen at any time. Our customers know it. We know it. They mean the world to us, and our Contact Centres are their lifeline, whenever they need one. No matter how stressful the situation, we’ll be there to reassure. We’ll do all we can to get their day back on track.

We have four Customer Contact Centres across the UK, in Newcastle, Cardiff, Cheadle and Oldbury.

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You never know exactly what you’ll hear when you answer the phone in our contact centre. Which means your role is sure to provide endless variety.

So what might you be doing? Where to start: arranging assistance for our members who have broken down, providing people with information about our products and services, looking after home and car insurance quotes and sales, handling insurance claims from our customers, selling membership to new customers, retaining existing members, arranging lessons for learner drivers and handling complaints…

We do it all, and we take pride in doing it brilliantly. We are responsive, empathetic, solution driven and, most of all, customer focused. You’ll take great care to make sure every customer has a positive experience.


Walk around any of our offices and you’ll see and feel a real team spirit. People are friendly and supportive – to each other, as well as to customers.

To help you succeed, we’ll give you a full initial training programme, followed by ongoing coaching, expert training and guidance from our specialist team. What’s more, your structured personal development plan will ensure you have all you need to delight our customers and grow your career.


Working in one of our Contact Centres is no nine-to-five, Monday-to-Friday job. We need to be here for our members and customers whenever they need us. Some contact centres are open 24 hours a day. All are open seven days a week. Working weekends and bank holidays is normal. Because of this, you’ll have a choice of different shift patterns, including part-time opportunities so you can balance work and life outside the Contact Centre.