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Customer Advisors are at the heart of our business. You’ll speak with new or existing customers by phone, giving them the kind of world-class service we are known for. With such diverse customers and conversations, there’s one thing you can always expect: the unexpected. Are you ready for anything?

We offer a wide range of Customer Advisor roles in different areas of our business. None of them call for previous experience in a Contact Centre. It’s more important that you have determination, a positive attitude and a real drive to succeed. You’ll also need to be willing to work shifts with some evening and weekend hours.

Here we’ve outlined five diverse Customer Advisor roles:

Afterservice Contact & Telemarketing

You’ll call current, previous or potential customers. We’ll expect you to persuade, influence and negotiate them to continue, restart or join our emergency breakdown cover. As you explore their circumstances, you’ll find opportunities to sell extra products such as HomeStart and Repair cover.

On every call, you’ll focus on doing the right thing for customers. It’s not about a hard sell. It’s about having an informative conversation that empowers customers to make their own decision, in their best interests. No two calls will be the same. Your ability to build quick rapport will make the difference.

You’ll enjoy the positive atmosphere within our Contact Centre. But this can certainly be a challenging role. To succeed, you’ll need to stay positive. You should be a great communicator with excellent listening skills, the ability to empathise, and a flair for solving problems and overcoming objections.

In return for your sales, you could earn up to £1,000 extra per month.

Emergency Breakdown

You’ll often take more than 100 calls in a day from customers whose vehicles have broken down. We’ll expect you to help them identify their location and soothe their worries if they are distressed. You’ll log their breakdown on our system so we can get a Roadside Technician out to solve their problem.

It’s an incredibly varied role. You might find yourself talking to individual or business customers. They may be upset or stressed. They might feel vulnerable in a dangerous situation, such as a motorway breakdown or accident. They may even be annoyed at how long the service is taking.

You’ll help customers to calm down, so you can ask the right questions and get the information we need. Listening and questioning carefully, you’ll be adaptable to their needs and always sure to act as quickly as possible. We’ll provide plenty of training. But we’ll also hold you to a high standard.

In return for your performance and commitment, you can earn a bonus.

iSell, iServe, iStay

Based in our Newcastle Contact Centre, you could find yourself speaking to motor or home insurance customers in three very different and important teams. iSell is about taking calls from new customers who want you to provide a quotation for insurance. iServe is about taking calls from existing customers who want you to make a change on their policy. iStay is about taking calls from existing customers who want you to cancel their policy.

You’ll always aim to take customers on a journey, to a destination that’s positive for both of you. There may be challenges along the way. For example, a customer may be frustrated, in a hurry or unhappy with a quotation. Taking care to listen carefully, explain clearly, understand and empathise with the customer, you’ll always seek to provide a great standard of service that pleases them. We’ll train you to do a role you can be proud of.

If you succeed in selling products you can earn extra money in commission.

Membership Sales and Service

You’ll take calls from people about our AA emergency breakdown cover. From one call to the next, you’ll never know what to expect. You might be updating information on an existing customer’s policy, renewing a policy for a long-standing member, or answering questions from a new potential customer.

It’s not just about giving answers and making amendments. We’ll also expect you to promote and sell additional products and services that match the customers’ needs. You will have a conversation, exploring the customer’s needs, and tailoring information to help them decide on the right options.

To succeed in this role, you’ll need to be a clear communicator with great listening skills and a flair for building rapport. Crucially, you have the confidence to persuade and influence customers to make purchases. You are positive, calm, resilient and always ready to learn about new things.

In return for your sales, you could earn up to £1,000 extra per month.


In this key role, you’ll take calls from customer who want to cancel their emergency breakdown cover. Listening carefully to their reasons, you’ll take care to understand their perspective. Then you’ll aim to persuade and influence them to change their mind and either keep or renew their policy.

No two calls will ever be quite the same. You’ll speak to all kinds of people with all kinds of reasons for wanting to cancel – from cost, to complaints, to a change of circumstances. Treating each person as unique and important, you might be able to provide offers and discounts or sell alternative products.

Empathy, patience and resilience will be key to your success. Customers might be frustrated or unhappy. The excellent service and considerate communication you provide can go a long way to changing that. You’ll show how much we value them, and always seek to do what’s right for their needs.

If you achieve targets for ‘saving’ customers, you can earn great commission.

Your Customer Advisor rewards

As well as being someone who thrives on making a happy customer, you’ll work to a range of targets, both personal and team based. Targets are challenging but achievable, and in return for exceeding these targets you’ll receive some impressive incentives.

Depending on where you work, you’ll be eligible for a range of great rewards and benefits – everything from our excellent ‘red letter day’ points scheme to flexible hours and duvet days.

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