Carr-Ellison House, William Amstrong Drive,
Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NE4 7YA

About the Newcastle Office

Home to over 800 people working in diverse departments, Carr Ellison House is named after Sir Ralph Carr-Ellison, an important former Chairman of the AA. Based in Newcastle Business Park, it boasts a restaurant, internet café and a lounge with computer games, pool table, books and TV.

Carr-Ellison House is located on the Newcastle Business Park, William Armstrong Drive, just off Scotswood Road.

A bus service runs every 15 minutes to the city centre (Go North East) which is a journey of around 1 mile. It takes just 5 minutes off peak.

Newcastle Departments

  • Member Services
  • New Member Sales
  • Stay AA
  • I Sell
  • I Stay
  • I Serve
  • Select
  • Credit
  • E Touch
  • Insurance Outbound
  • Home Membership
  • Business Improvements
  • Training
  • R&P
  • Real Time
  • Sales and Development and MU
  • Accounts
  • Post & Prompts

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