Tracey Robinson

Tracey Robinson

Teleworking Team Manager

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Tracey Robinson's Story

Opportunities. That’s what you get working here. I’ve been here 25 years, and I’ve done so many things. I started in the information centre, then moved onto membership enquiries before joining the Teleworking team. I got my first taste of running a team when covering for my manager. I took up the job shortly after and did it for 12 years, and I really loved it.

Forming a close bond

The best thing about being a manager in Teleworking is that you really get to know your team. Because they work from home, your conversations take place there. There’s something about seeing where people live and even meeting their families that means you form a closer bond with them. I really treasured that.

Taking on a new challenge

But I also wanted to stretch myself and take on new challenges. So last Tuesday, I started a secondment in Performance & Development. This new role is more about the business. I’m already involved in projects aimed at improving absence figures and trialing new IT solutions. I’ve sat in on union meetings, attended the UK Call Centre Forum and worked on this year’s Christmas event. It’s really opened new doors for me. And, were it not for this new role, I wouldn’t be doing a profile for the recruitment website!

Nothing stands still

When people ask me about working here, I talk about two things. It’s always changing, which you have to be able to cope with – there are some periods when it feels like your feet don’t touch. But you’re always looked after. Not just in terms of rewards, but the way you are treated. Almost everyone you come across here is a people person.

Celebrating people

There’s a story that really brings this to life. There was a guy in my team who was totally blind and used a brail system. But when the work systems changed, he risked being unable to do his job. But rather than let this happen, the business worked out a way for him to still play a vital role. Not only did he jump at this, he did the new job so well that I nominated him for Call Handler of the Year. He won! I walked him on to the stage and he got a standing ovation! Nobody’s ever forgotten that night.

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