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Soneeta Kular

Soneeta Kular

Battery Technician

Soneeta Kular's Story

If I had to sum up my AA experience in two words, I’d choose: freedom and flexibility. I love feeling like my own boss, meeting new people in new places every day. I get to be myself with the public, while always being professional. And when I have a challenging day, it’s a chance to learn. Like we always say around here, I’m Ready for anything.

Turning a passion into a profession

When I joined the AA, I had no work experience in the motor industry. I was passionate about cars, and loved working on them as a hobby. I was excited to be part of a breakdown company that’s so well known, people think of it as the “fourth emergency service.” I’ve relished all the opportunities the AA has given me to pursue my knowledge of cars and get taught more.

Always learning

I came to the role with an idea of how cars are put together. But I didn’t have any qualifications that were relevant. The AA’s training has made all the difference. It’s been great from day one. I came to understand the job really quickly thanks to the support I received. And today, almost eight years on, I still enjoy regular training which keeps me refreshed on all kinds of equipment and vehicles.

All-round support

I’m extremely happy with the support I receive as part of the AA. In my role, I’m always benefiting from new ideas and equipment – from tablets and smart phones, to vehicle kit such as Norah and battery testers. It’s great that our equipment keeps pace with the changing times. And it all helps us get out to Members on the road much faster. On top of that, we get great benefits and other kinds of support. For example, the wellbeing scheme for staff is very useful and a really positive thing.

People at the heart

Customer service has been a big part of all my jobs, even before I joined the AA. It’s very important now, as I work alone and have first contact with the Member after they break down. I remember one lady who broke down close to Christmas. When I arrived on the scene, she was very emotionally distressed. I was with her for 45 minutes, and during that time I supported her, listened and reassured her that everything would be okay. She was so grateful to me for taking the time to ask what was wrong and be supportive, that she called customer relations and told them how nice I was. It’s rewarding enough just to help people, but that was a real confidence boost.

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