Performance Leader Development Programme

27 Apr 2018

The AA Careers Programme April

We’ve had a bright yellow wave of success for the AA Talent Acquisition team in recent weeks. And not to be outdone, we’re really proud to share a tremendous achievement from our Learning and Development team too.

Jane Hennequin, take a bow, this is something to be hugely proud of.

Yesterday, after months of research, conceptualisation and design, the team welcomed over 100 leaders from our roadside patrol service to a kick off session for a one year development programme. It’s a programme which will see great business leaders propel themselves into even greater places.

In partnership with Dovenest, we took the decision that in order to truly meet the needs of our people, we’d create a bespoke programme. It’s been designed to equip them with all of the tools they will need to empower their people, grow their own talent and continue to drive excellent experiences for our customers.

This is another brand new venture for us here at The AA. Never before have we taken on such a massive challenge, involving such a large amount of people, with such a tough goal to reach.

After a cracking scene set from our Director of Roadside Operations, David Brambell, over the last two days the teams have talked strategy, transformation and their aims for the training and much like a well oiled engine, now they are ready and raring to go. Not only will this programme leave a lasting impression on those who undertake it, but we really hope to inspire future leaders by ensuring what is learnt is cascaded through our road side teams.

We’ll leave no wheel unturned in our pursuit to support these leaders and we would like to wish them every possible success in the coming year. With the full support of their immediate leaders and the businesses senior leadership team, we feel undeniably confident that they are all going to thrive as a result of this amazing opportunity.

We are totally committed to supporting our leaders, it’s just how we roll. After all, it’s important that we’re ready for anything and surely that’s what developing people is all about.