Could you be a Roadside Technician?

22 Jan 2018

Could you be a Roadside Technician?

Done your stint as a mechanic? Worked in vehicle maintenance for a dealership group perhaps? Got automotive experience in the military and looking to capitalise on civvy street? Or straight out of college after completing your automotive training? Whatever your background, you might be spot on as a Roadside Patrol.


What do Roadside Technicians do?

If the expression ‘not all heroes wear capes’ is true of anyone, it’s true of Roadside Patrols. This team of self-sufficient go-getters, set out on the open road each day and respond to whatever breakdowns and vehicle problems turn up.

They’re essentially expert mobile mechanics who – with the help of state-of-the-art diagnostic kit –  help broken down drivers get moving again.


Tell me about the tech Roadside Technicians get

It’s high-end all round. Bosch diagnostic kit, multimeters, Autodata wiring diagrams and model specs for all cars, plus phones, tablets and tools all housed in your own modern van.

And all of this supported by a fully equipped workshop and parts department, and even a database where Patrols drop in hints and tips so that everyone can benefit from each other’s experience.


What’s the Roadside Technician job really like?

It’s not for everyone, that’s true. There are shifts including evenings and weekends at certain points. And there’ll be long drives, so you’ll have to be the kind of person who is happy in their own company.

Andy Scott - 'Obviously your technical skills are easily transferred in this role, but it really helps if you get a real kick out of helping people, as I do.'

smiley man.

Max Holdstock - 'The training was fun, informative and great for my confidence.'

No more buying tools, commuting to work and paying for fuel to get to a job. I’m out of the door, on the driveway and ready to sign on and go to work.
Vince Crane, Roadside Technician

Then there’s the great outdoors – you’ll be out in all weathers and on all terrains.

It depends on where in the country you work of course. But for one Patrol, one call out could be at the seaside and the next in the country. For another, a shift could take them from motorway to big city and back again. There’s really no knowing. But if you like a busy, varied, spontaneous day where your van is your office, this will be right up your street.


What skills and experience do I need to be a Roadside Technician?

Technically, it looks like this:

The AA Careers Qualification Icon
NVQ3 or IMI in vehicle maintenance and repair, or an equivalent qualification.
The AA Careers Driving License Icon
Full category B driving license, with less than 6 points – essential.
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Experience working within a garage / automotive industry
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The ability to multi-task

But the personal side is just as vital. You’ll encounter customers who are frustrated, upset, angry and even scared. You might find a car breakdown in a dangerous environment or be called to the scene of an accident.

So people skills are top of the list. Calm, decisive, empathetic and courteous, you’ll take control of every situation.

There’s a phrase we use here: fix the customer first. That means, you’ll need to work out what’s best for the customer in terms of their journey – where they need to be and when. (A bride late for her wedding will need a different solution to a business professional going to a meeting.)

Only then will you move on to fixing the vehicle.

The AA Careers Fix Customer Desktop

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The training isn’t just great for my knowledge, it’s great for my confidence. I feel equipped to deal with every challenge, both physically and mentally.
Max Holdstock, Roadside Technician

What training will I get as a Roadside Technician?

Before the open road beckons, you’ll complete comprehensive 4-week training course, to make sure you know the job inside out. Ongoing training (on and off-the-job) will continue throughout your career to ensure you keep 100% up-to-date.


Are there any similar roles to a Roadside Technician?

If it turns out that Roadside technician  isn’t 100% for you, you could be perfect as a:

  • Battery Technician*
  • Development Technician*
  • Recovery Patrol

*Apply for a Roadside Technician job and we’ll work it out during the process.