Anna’s 100 Barefoot Marathon Challenge – sponsored by the AA

Yes, you read that right. Adventurer, influencer and author Anna McNuff is running the equivalent of 100 barefoot marathons across the UK and Ireland.

Starting in the Shetland Islands this June and finishing in London five months later, by the end of her journey she’ll have run approximately 2,620 miles. Incredible, we think you’ll agree.

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  • 2620 miles

    This is the equivalent of Anna running all the way to Naples, Italy and back again.

  • 110,000 miles

    The distance an average person walks in a lifetime, although Anna has probably done more than this!

  • Long-distance

    This is by no means Anna's first adventure. Over the years she’s cycled the length of Chile, run the length of New Zealand, and cycled through all 50 US states!

Here at the AA, we’re proud to sponsor Anna because we think she undoubtedly embodies our ‘Ready for ANYTHING?’ spirit. She’ll encounter all sorts of unexpected challenges throughout her journey, and will be (quite literally) going the extra mile.

But why such a perilous adventure? Anna is aiming to inspire and encourage other women to reach for the impossible, so we think the Barefoot Challenge is a fantastic opportunity to promote our roles to more women and more diverse talent generally.

Watch the challenge unfold through regular social media updates from our own channels plus Anna’s, as well as a series of shareable short films covering the launch and the rest of the Barefoot Challenge.

Map of Anna's run

Track Anna’s progress here

Watch the Launch video