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Roadside Mechanic

Ready for anything? As a Roadside Mechanic, you’ll need to be. With your famous yellow van, plus more modern updates like a laptop and smart phone, you’ll be on the frontline of world leading customer service. You’ll go the extra mile for every customer, to get them back on the road safely.

It’s about much more than mechanical knowledge and state-of-the-art tech. What sets you apart is your talent for organisation, willingness to be flexible and flair for making reassuring connections with all kinds of people.

In return, we’ll give you all the support, training and benefits you need to make the most of this uniquely rewarding yet challenging career.

Naturally, you’ll need expert maintenance and repair skills. Qualified with an NVQ Level Three (or equivalent) in Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, you’re familiar with modern vehicle systems. You also have experience of garage work using multimeters and other diagnostic kit. A good knowledge of electrical, fuel and ignition systems is essential.

Here, we’re proud to make things simple when modern cars and vans are anything but. You’ll use really high-end technology to diagnose issues and provide exceptional customer care. Your roadside laptop will give you access to a vast range of technical information and guidance. So you’ll need to be familiar with operating computers.

Confidence with computers is also important when it comes to managing your day. Based from home, your work will be allocated via the laptop we provide. When each day begins, you’ll never know exactly where it will take you. But you’ll organise yourself to get wherever you need to go promptly, smartly and safely. If your last call comes at the end of the day on your way home, you’ll willingly turn that van around to make a difference for our members.

Because as important as your technical skills are, what sets you apart as the face of the AA is your love of helping other people. You’re absolutely committed to providing customers with the courtesy, care and expertise they’ve come to expect from us.

It won’t always be easy, so you’ll need to stay calm in any crisis. Breaking down can be stressful and upsetting, so you might find yourself dealing with customers who are angry, scared or panicking about being late. Just as important as getting their vehicle back on the road safely is helping them back to a positive state of mind. You’ll understand and empathise with their situation, and keep them clearly informed about how and why you can help.

Dealing with all kinds of powerful emotions, in all weathers and in potentially dangerous environments are not the only challenges of this role. You’ll need to be comfortable with the uncertainty of not knowing where your day will take you. And you’ll need to be confident working alone, often driving long distances, on shifts including evenings and weekends. But if you can handle all that, there really is no job more rewarding than a Roadside Mechanic.

We’ll expect you to hold a full valid driving licence with fewer than six points on it. This should cover the B or BE categories. Don’t worry if you don’t yet have the BE category, we’ll fund this as part of your induction.

We’ll also provide a competitive salary with potential for overtime, plus a wide range of benefits. Before you hit the road for the first time, you’ll complete a comprehensive 4 week training course, so you’ll really know your stuff.

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