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Recovery Patrol

A member’s vehicle has broken down. It can’t be fixed at the roadside. Now it’s time to get it to a garage. And to bring the customer along for the ride. As a member of our famous Recovery Patrol, that’s where you come in.

Working quickly and carefully, you’ll make a quick assessment, reassure the customer about what happens next, then load the vehicle onto your truck and head out on the road to happier times.

This is a role in which anything can happen. We make sure our members and business customers get exceptional service wherever they need it, whenever they need it. For you, that means being ready for the unexpected. You’ll work shifts spanning every hour of the day, any day of the year, with an option for overtime. It’s no ordinary nine-to-five. Your next job might be right around the corner from home, or you could be in for a long drive. You might be on your way back at the end of the day when one last call comes in. And if the weather gets bad, it’s time to get ready for a busy day.

You’ll work solo and arrange your own movements based on job information that comes to you via the laptop and smart phone we provide. The ability to manage your own time is essential. To drive one of our recovery vehicles, you’ll need a valid C licence as a minimum along with drivers CPC and a digital drivers card. If you hold a C licence but not the full CE entitlement, we will fund the additional training within your first six months with us.

What really sets you apart is your way with people. As a member of our Recovery Patrol, you’ll meet all sorts of people, of all ages, in all kinds of locations – some travelling alone, some in groups; some on quiet residential streets, others on hard shoulders near fast moving traffic. Some will be delighted to see you. Others will be upset, angry or panicked about missing a meeting. Your ability to listen, empathise, reassure and clearly explain everything that’s going to happen will go a long way towards brightening up their day. That aspect of your role starts when you turn up and continues until you drop the customer off safely. Then it’s on to the next call – whoever and wherever that might be, it’s sure to be another unique experience.

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