Our Membership Sales Force sell our products at locations including supermarkets, shows, and shopping centres. They secure over 75,000 new members every year.

As an ambassador for our brand, you’ll make connections with members of the public as they go about their day. Talking to all kinds of people, of all ages and backgrounds, you’ll explore their needs and explain our products so that they can select the service which suits them best. You’ll be someone they can put their trust in, to know we’ll be there for them whenever they need us.

Every day is different as a member of our Membership Sales Force. You might work from a dedicated stand in a regular location. Or you might be responsible for setting up your own stall in a range of different locations, from day to day. Either way, you will speak with an incredible variety of people.

In every interaction, you’ll uphold our proud traditions: Courtesy and Care. It’s about getting to know what people need and guiding them to obtain the protection that suits them best. With a passion for great customer service, you’ll empower the customer to choose the product they buy.

Taking real pride in working for a market leading business, you’ll make sure you are always smart and tidy in your uniform. No matter how busy or quiet the location is, whether it’s hot or cold, windy or wet, you’ll never stop working hard - seeking to make contact with people, explore their needs and make a difference for them. It’s not an easy job. But with your positive attitude and determination, you’ll stay switched on and find those sales.

You don’t need sales experience to excel in this role, though you will need an entrepreneurial spirit. You’re comfortable feeling like your own boss and taking responsibility for your performance every day. Most importantly, you’re great with people and you really care about doing good for customers.

You can join our Membership Sales Force as our employee or on a self-employed basis. Either way, we’ll provide you with a uniform, iPad and a stand or stall.

If you’re employed by us, you’ll usually work in a regular shopping centre location. If you work in multiple venues, we’ll provide a van. You will receive a minimum monthly salary, plus commission when you exceed your daily target.

If you join us on a self-employed basis, you will pay a monthly licence fee and cover the costs of your own petrol and vehicle maintenance. You’ll be required to travel to different locations and venues each day. You will be paid a higher rate of commission and you'll earn purely by obtaining sales.

We care about you as much as we care about our customers. So we’ll provide full training and access to a support team, to help you get the most from this challenging and unpredictable role.

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