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Hotel and Restaurant Inspector

You’ve probably seen the AA Guides. Restaurants and hotels consider it an honour to be listed. And we’d like you to help us decide who gets in.

Based at home, you’ll travel all around the country, reviewing a wide range of different establishments.

Regularly inspecting hotels and restaurants, you’ll source accurate information which will inform the classification we give them. We’ll ask you to promote our classification schemes, and to encourage new establishments to participate.

Occasionally, some places dispute their rating. If that happens, you might find yourself investigating and resolving member complaints, or giving advice to hotel and restaurant managers.

What are we looking for?

You will need a tourism related qualification to degree level, along with a working knowledge of hygiene, fire and licensing laws in relation to hotels and restaurants. If you’ve run a restaurant or a hotel yourself, that’s even better.

Keeping up to date with recent developments in the hotel and catering industry, you’ll need to have a good knowledge of new criteria to be applied in inspections. Most importantly, you have a passion for high standards.

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