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Vince Crane

Roadside Technician

Road Operations

Vince Crane's Story

Before joining the AA, I was a vehicle technician in car dealerships. I got frustrated with the lack of variety. I wanted to keep on diagnosing and fixing cars but enjoy work more each day by making a difference to people. As a Roadside Technician, I actually get to meet the customer. And it’s not their vehicle that’s the first priority – it is all about the Member, and how I can improve their day, hopefully by getting them back on the road.

The best part of the job can also be the most challenging: every single shift is different. You never know where you’re going to go or why until the alert goes off on your dashboard tablet or mobile app. Being outside and alone in various terrains, you have to be able to turn up, make decisions and take responsibility for the situation. It improves you as a person. You’ve got to be Ready for anything, and that’s what makes the role so rewarding.

I remember coming across a road traffic collision on my way to a home start job. A vehicle had crashed into a roundabout. Traffic was trying to go round on the wrong side of the road, and the driver was very stressed and confused, with an injured passenger. On patrol, I’ve learned to step back from escalating situations and take control. So I was able to park my service van in a way that alerted drivers heading towards the incident, offer assistance to the emergency services trying to help the injured people, and then move the damaged vehicle safely to the roadside. I think the public see us as role models, and it’s a privilege to try and live up to that.

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