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Neelima Afas

Neelima Afas

Customer Advisor

Oldbury Contact Centre

I’d worked my way up to senior level in retail companies, but I wanted to consolidate my experience and focus on handling customer enquiries. The AA made joining simple, updating me on dates and outcomes throughout the process. Similarly, the standard of training was very high, and there was a lot of support on hand from team members.

As for the job, it certainly keeps you on your toes dealing with customers, who can be emotional. For example, I had a call from a customer that was upset because they believed they’d been incorrectly charged a fee by the AA banking services. I had to quickly come up with a recommendation that would calm them down.

You do have to stay focussed at all times: that’s what I’d call being Ready for anything. You need to be ready to take on challenging calls and queries. But most of all, Ready for anything means being able to go that extra mile for the customer.