Head of Marketing and Sales

Business Area

Head Office, Driving Services, AA Driving School



Contract Type

Full Time



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Company description


We are the AA. And we keep everyone’s show on the road. There for our customers wherever and whenever they need us, we’re always ready for anything. That’s why, for over 100 years, we’ve continued to evolve and adapt. Today, as the nation’s number one motoring organization, we offer a range of excellent products and services to millions of customers.

Location: Cardiff 

Salary: Competitive 

Full Time/Permanent 

This is the job

As Head of Marketing and Sales for the AA Driving School you will have overall responsibility for acquiring new Instructor Trainees, Franchisees and Pupils across all of our brands. With a focus on digital expertise and data-driven decisions, you will lead both the sales and marketing teams to convert marketing strategy into bottom-line results.

What will I be doing?

  • Marketing Strategy: Clearly define and articulate our marketing strategy. Determine how many customers can we acquire, at what cost, how and when.
  • P&L: Determine our optimal customer acquisition cost for each of our customer groups – pupils, trainee instructors and existing instructors.
  • Acquisition Campaigns: Plan, design and execute acquisition campaigns throughout the year across all channels
  • Salesforce Effectiveness: Identify and deliver areas for improvement for the sales team to increase conversion across all products.
  • Brand strategy: Define and clearly articulate what the AA Driving School and BSM brands stand for. 
  • Automation: Identify and execute opportunities to automate the acquisition process, e.g. from CRM lead management to PPC automation
  • Reviews & referrals: Manage online reviews to ensure customers have access to assessments of our service. Define a referral strategy to deliver customer growth across channels.
  • Channel mix: Determine through rigorous analysis what channels should we use to market to new customers in each customer group. Define the role, scale and opportunity of SEO, PPC, Affiliates, Outreach etc. Assess and prioritise new channels as they come to market.
  • Platforms: Collaborate with the Tech team to ensure we are optimising our digital products for optimal marketing ROI across platforms.
  • Tools & Processes: Determine the systems and tools required to optimise spend. Define & deploy any tools required to track ROI and monitor competitors
  • Competitive Landscape: Regularly update the Driving School Exec & broader business on competitor activity, potential threats and opportunities.
  • Data: Determine the AA Driving School’s data strategy for best leveraging our customer data
  • CRM: Determine which channels (e.g. Email, text, phone) we should use to speak to our customers, and the messages at each point in the customer lifecycle.
  • AA Group: Ensure marketing strategy, brand vision, creative and channel mix fits with the broader AA. Determine ways to leverage AA group to drive growth in customer numbers.
  • Retention: Collaborate with the broader AA Driving School Executive Team and AA Group to optimise customer retention and optimise lifetime value of each customer.

What do I need?

Capability, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Proven experience in delivering and implementing a marketing strategy
  • Proven track-record delivering results in marketing, digital marketing leadership experience essential
  • Proven ability to translate customer research into profitable new marketing activity
  • Proven understanding of marketing landscape across all channels, with expertise in digital marketing
  • Previous experience managing marketing teams, particularly with a digital element across SEO, performance and social

Education and Qualifications:

  • Degree

Personal Characteristics:

  • Collaborative style - the person in this role will contribute to company strategy as well as working closely with the broader the Driving School Executive Team to translate the Driving School’s strategy into a profitable marketing strategy
  • Pragmatic problem-solver
  • Relentlessly analytical
  • Strong communication skills
  • Experience working with C-level executives
  • Excellent people manager


Additional Information

What else is expected of me?

Good conduct matters at the AA.  It's very important that you act with honesty & integrity, are respectful of others and have a consistent desire to do the right thing.  Everyone at the AA lives these behaviours, so we are all able to support the delivery of good outcomes for our customers.