It keeps you on your toes

You do have to be ready for anything. One call out might be a straightforward breakdown, the next could be a big accident. The people are different too. It could be a business person late for a meeting, or a family going on holiday or a group of people going to a football match. And each AA member is going to respond differently. Mostly, despite having a bad day, they’re fine with me. But you’ll sometimes come across people who need calming down.

Here to help

My job is to get their vehicle onto the back of my truck and take them to the most helpful place – could be a garage, could be a dealership, could be home. Whatever is most helpful to them.

Come rain or shine

You’ve got to like the weather in this job. In the summer, there’s nothing better. On the road, in the sunshine, going to new places and being there for people when they need you. But you’ve also got to be happy doing it in the dark and the cold in the middle of January!

Live life to the full

The AA really looks after you. The benefits are good and so’s the work/life balance. We work four-on-four-off. So the days are quite long, but then you get four days off. And that’s spot on for me. I love outdoor activities (I’ve got a bucket list as long as your arm!) and shopping and going to the gym etc. So the way my shifts are organised, I get loads of free time to do all this. That’s great.